1. Bicycling

Live a unique mountain bike adventure through the unspoilt and unknown nature of Crete.

Katrin Hotel & Bungalows in cooperation with Cyclingcreta offers a wide range of bike tours at remote areas of Crete in many different levels . The pace of the tours is slow to moderate depending on the level. The higher the level the faster the pace. The tours are focused on exploring Crete and have fun. We do stops to admire the view, rest, take photos, talk, have lunch -dinner or swim (when possible).

To maximize fun factor and safety,before you choose a tour find your level.


2. Horse Riding

Katrin Hotel & bungalows in cooperation with The Amarillis Stable offering you horse riding tour.The Amarillis Stable is located in the tourist resort of Stalis, at 46m altitude from the sea surface. It provides 10 horses that will familiarise you with the region and will lead you on the trails through to the plateau of Mochos.

The program includes as a packet free daily riding. There are 2 different excursions: The small tour lasts 2 hours. Starting from the stable with a regional view over Stalis, you will ride on adventures ways to Stalis with passages along the beach, the heart of the village and return back to the stable. The big walk lasts 5- 6 hours. Mountainous paths and earth-roads will lead us from 46m to 400m altitude to the plateau of Mochos. You will enjoy the wild beauty of Crete passing from concealed paths and ancient ways between olive groves and along a small lake. Enjoy the panoramic view of the island. Before returning back to the Amarillis Stable we will make a break in the beautiful square of Mochos, a traditional Cretan village. From November until March we offer beach rides.


3. Watersports

If you are a lover of Crete Water Sports, this island can be your personal paradise during your holiday. Unique routes to the north or south coast, unexplored bays, swimming in crystal clear waters and unique exercise in the sea are just some of the water activities you can experience in your holidays in Crete.


4. Jeep Safari

The jeep safari is driving 4x4 vehicles on forest trails, with the necessary accompaniment of professional drivers. The mountains of Crete are a great opportunity for those who like adventure and off-road driving. We drive through the western side of eastern Crete Dikti or the Lassithi Mountains, a range with many peaks, the highest being the anonymous '2148'. The well - known plateau of Lassithi (402 sq. km.) spreads out between the peaks. The river crossing, the route on forest roads, visits to houses, monasteries and all the attractions that are on the way, with a variety of routes in lush vegetation and breathtaking landscapes provide a unique experience in a place where the mountain meets the sea ,the story of the legend and the culture with tradition.


5. Bungee Jumping

The time for a big, safe jump into the emptiness, is here! The Bungee Jumping of Star Beach awaits you for a single jump in the air, in any way you want: With a front or back jump or even embraced with someone else!